Covid survivors offer hope


14 August 2021 | Health

Kevin Mwashuma; Pastor; “…death surely looked like a possibility.”

Swakopmund • [email protected]

Erongo residents Pastor Kevin Mwashuma and primary school teacher Amelia Fischer, shared how they survived Covid-19.

The duo recently recovered from the virus.

According to Mwashuma, he was preparing to meet his heavenly father as his symptoms continued to worsen.
“Initially I was optimistic but as my symptoms worsened, fear totally gripped me and death looked like a possibility.”

According to Mwashuma, what made him hopeful was the prayers offered by his friends over the phone.

“My parents being American, made my experience worse because I wanted to have closure so badly ‘if’ I was going to die. I wanted to say sorry,” he said.

According to the pastor, his symptoms started with a fever that progressed to higher temperatures over two days.
This was followed by the unusual hot nose breaths that made smelling non-existent, constant sweating and shortness of breath.

He said that as the sole breadwinner, he was worried about his family of four children and wife.

“I ended up apologising to my wife for all the troubles I had put her through in our marriage as I prepared to meet our heavenly father. I didn’t want to leave earth and find barred entrances. It was a time of reflection,” said Mwashuma, who leads a local church in Swakopmund.

Although his entire family also contracted Covid-19, none of them displayed any symptoms. “I went to the public health doctor assigned to Covid patients, who prescribed vitamins, Prednisone and Corticosteroids for me and my family.”

This was followed by lung x-rays to see the extent of the damage.

“I did breathing exercises and slept on my belly for two months until all was clear. Some little exercises at home helped too. My wife also changed my diet to mostly fruits, yoghurt, eggs and lots of water,” said Mwashuma.

The pastor encouraged people to not lose hope.

“Prepare for the worst but be optimistic for the best. Life is a gift, so fight for it in prayer and also do what needs to be done physically to get well.”

Amelia Fischer, who is a teacher at a local school in Walvis Bay, says that her experience with Covid-19 was a bad one.

“I felt bad because of a lockdown at the school and half responsible for it even though it was not my fault, for having contracted the virus. I became a nervous wreck,” said Fischer.

She experienced cold chills at first and a mild headache. This advanced to a sore throat, back ache, a congested nose, a loss of taste and smell as well as a bad cough, followed by a shortness of breath.

“I had to self-isolate alone in my room, which was very difficult because I have a two-year-old who didn't understand this.”

She said she did all she could to make sure that her family did not contract the virus from her.

“My husband slept in our son's room and my niece stayed in her room as she was also positive. I made sure that I wore my mask whenever I left the room and constantly disinfected things I used and surfaces which I touched,” said Fischer.

According to her, the medication which she received from her doctor and steaming helped her recover.

Fischer urged everyone to adhere to all the regulations that have been put in place by the ministry of health and social services.

“It is inevitable to contract Covid-19. However, if we try our best to adhere to preventative measures you can save your life and the life of the next citizen,” she said.

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