Covid compliance measures relaxed some more

Otis Daniels_Finck
The current Covid-19 Public Health Regulations will expire at midnight tonight, Friday, 15 October 2021.

With the trend of declining Covid-19 positive cases, decreasing hospitalizations and deaths in the country, Cabinet met this week to deliberate the next dispensation of the Public Health Regulations.

Informed by available data and consistent with the approach of evidence-based decision-making, president Geingob announced further relaxation of the measures in our national Covid-19 response.
The president cautioned that although Covid-19 measures are being relaxed it does not mean that Namibians have defeated the pandemic.

“If we are truly committed to eliminating this scourge from our communities, then we have a collective responsibility to continue maintaining absolute vigilance. Covid-19 is evolving and the measures to combat it effectively must, as a matter of necessity, also evolve accordingly. Therefore, should the situation deteriorate, government will respond appropriately.”

The following Regulations will come into force for a period of thirty (30) days from Saturday, from 16 October 2021 until midnight, Monday, 15 November 2021.
1. Public gatherings have been adjusted to 200 persons per event. Spectators at sporting events are permitted, up to 200 persons per event.
The president said that he observed that those packing the stadia for sports in America have their vaccine passports and expressed the hope that those who will attend matches in Namibia, will do the same.
2. The curfew will be suspended altogether, allowing for greater economic activity, particularly with respect to long haul public transport operators and the entertainment industry.
3. Restrictions related to liquor remain as is.
4. Business operations: All recreational places such as nightclubs, casinos, gambling houses, betting houses and gyms may continue operations as is - allowing patrons up to half capacity.
5. Burials of persons who succumbed to Covid-19 or whose deaths are Covid-19 related must continue to take place within a period of 10 days.
On-site consumption of meals at all gatherings, including burials, will now be permitted. The restriction on the number of persons attending burials of 200, applies to mourners only, excluding essential workers.

The president implored all citizens and business owners to enforce the Infection Control and Prevention measures of wearing a face mask, hand washing, physical distancing and avoiding overcrowding. Equally important is raising public health awareness on vaccination among customers.