Covid active cases on the rise again

Leandrea Louw
Namibia recorded a total of 133 444 confirmed Covid -19 cases, out of the 819 721 samples tested.

A total of 126 148 recoveries were reported. This translates into a recovery rate of 94.5% and a decline of 2.7% following the increase in the number of cases reported in the last two weeks.
According to the minister of health and social services Dr Kalumhi Shangula, active cases have also drastically increased by 95.2%. “There are now 3 392 active cases in the country. A grim figure of 3 578 Covid-19 deaths were recorded since the beginning of the pandemic in Namibia in March 2020.”

Shangula said that it is a source of great concern that the epidemiological trajectory has worsened as the country recorded more positive Covid-19 cases from 29 November 2021. “In the past two weeks, the number of positive cases has been doubling on daily basis.”

In terms of vaccination, 388 719 persons or 25.9% of the eligible population have received the first dose of Covid-19 vaccine and 327 532 persons or 21. 8% are fully vaccinated. “Some positive news is that the daily vaccination uptake increased by 10% from 1 900 recorded on 11 November 2021 compared to 2 112 recorded on 13 December 2021.”

The health ministry recently also started administering third doses of the Sinopharm vaccine. “A circular was issued two weeks ago to guide health workers at vaccination sites on the administration of this dose. So far, a total of 660 persons have received it. Another positive development relates to the expansion of the vaccine eligibility criteria to children aged 12-17 years with 235 administered for this age group.”

The minister explained that the ministry offers voluntary administration of a third dose of homologous vaccines that is the same type of vaccine for Sinopharm, AstraZeneca and Pfizer BioNtech to eligible individuals. “Those who receive the Johnson & Johnson vaccine, can receive another dose of the same. However, if the same product is not available, or in case of allergic reaction to one vaccine, another heterologous vaccine can be used.”

In terms of homologous vaccines for Sinopharm, Pfizer, Johnson & Johnson AstraZeneca (all three doses remain the same vaccine) and then Heterlogous vaccines: Sinopharm (first dose), Sinopharm (second dose) can be paired with Pfizer (third dose), for Astrazeneca (first dose), paired with AstraZeneca (second dose) and Pfizer (third dose) and Astrazeneca (first dose) can be paired with Pfizer (second dose) and Pfizer (third dose).