Capturing true emotions

Perfecting camera art
Adolf Kaure
Swakopmund • [email protected]

Photographer Nicky Karihinga (26) says that photography and videography in the country has evolved to another level.

The creative Swakopmund resident, who owns Karihinga Media Productions, said this as he discussed the art of capturing moments through the lens.

“I can say we live in an era where people are mostly glued to their phones, meaning they are mostly watching videos or hitting a like button on a picture,” he said.

According to the entrepreneur, his work was influenced by his late stepmother who lent him her first video camera.

She received the device from work so that he could use it when showcasing her traditional Herero attire.

“Whenever she was not around, I would take it and act as if I am shooting a movie while my little sister would pose as the actress. After she passed on, all her video footage and cameras where lost. I have no memories left of my parents, that is why I will not stop taking pictures and videos.”

Karihinga says there is a market for videography in Namibia depending on how you present yourself as a business person.

“Young people in this country can make it in videography.”

Karihinga has done maternity, family and wedding shoots. He also captured images at the the Breeze of Words poetry evening.

The versatile photographer also recorded and edited various music videos. His latest work was for Yung Kavin’s hit “Vang Vas” (meaning “hold on tight” in Afrikaans) which features the talented dancer and amapiano singer Koloko King.

“What makes a great music video is the song, the storyline, preparation, video equipment and the creativity from the video editor and videographer. Quality plays a big role and you have to know how to use your equipment,” he says.

Karihinga Media Production has been in existence since 2019.