Best of Beethoven

Otis Daniels_Finck
A concert dedicated to the work of Beethoven is to be performed by the Namibian National Symphony Orchestra (NNSO) and Cantare Audire in Windhoek on 26 and 27 November in the National Theatre (NTN).

In 2020, Ludwig van Beethoven was celebrated worldwide for the 250th anniversary of his birth. However, due to Covid most concerts could not take place.

In light of this, the NNSO is now presenting a production with Beethoven’s Romance for Violin and Orchestra and along with Cantare Audire, the Beethoven Mass in C major.

Given events of the last two years, they will perform the mass in memory of all those who lost their lives to the pandemic while honouring all those that helped to fight this crisis.

The orchestra and choir will be conducted by Christian Ludwig, who conducted the Concerto Festival of the NNSO in September this year. Ludwig currently lives in Bonn and is the conductor and musical director of the “Orchester der Landesregierung Düsseldorf” as well as several other orchestras.

The soloists for the mass are soprano Emily Dangwa, alto Alida van der Walt, tenor Jacques du Preez and bass Bernaby Coetzee.

All the singers as well as most of the orchestra and the choir are Namibian musicians.

Along with the Mass in C, Beethoven’s Romance for violin and Orchestra will also be performed with Jürgen Kriess as soloist. Two other pieces of one of our Namibian composers, Eslon Hindundu will be performed as well.

This will be a concert bursting with variety and the magnificence of Beethoven.

The concerts are performed in the NTN on Friday 26 November at 20:00, a shorter matinee performance on 27 November at 11:30 where only excerpts of the whole concert will be played, and a final concert on Saturday 27 November at 20:00.

Tickets are available via Webtickets as well as Pick n Pay stores in the capital.

For those who prefer to watch the concert online, a live-stream will be available on the NNSO’s Facebook page. Tickets for this are also available at Webtickets.

This production is made possible with financial support of the German Embassy.