Beauty, brains and talent

Local lovely
Leandrea Louw
Walvis Bay • [email protected]

The annual Mr and Miss Face of Namibia pageant was recently hosted in Windhoek. Amongst the participants was a local beauty.

Asheeqa Emamdien (26) who is a singer and recently graduated as a civil engineer, was crowned as the second runner up in the competition.

She said that she entered the competition because she was looking for a new challenge and to do something outside of her comfort zone.

“When the entries for Mr and Miss Face of Namibia opened, I read about it and saw it is a non-profit organisation. The brand advocates social issues and raises awareness on important matters. It felt right to become part of something bigger than me. The fact that it does not include a swimsuit section made it all the more captivating.”

Emamdien said that being crowned as second runner up means she will be involved with charity work.

“I will also host workshops for entrepreneurial skills and promote Mr and Miss Face of Namibia, in order for us to continue reaching new heights.”

Angela Hangula (24) and Phillip Mumbala (21), both law students at the University of Namibia, were crowned Miss and Mr Face of Namibia, respectively.

The first runner up is Zawady Tjijombe and William Minnie, while the second runners up are Asheeqa Emamdien and Junior Kapofi.

The pageant was founded by Marchell Coetzee, who is also the main pageant director.

Emamdien said that she plans to get more involved in issues concerning the people of her hometown, Walvis Bay.

“God already has set out our plans in life. I left Walvis Bay in 2008 and moved to Tsumeb to start high school and then moved to Windhoek to further my tertiary education. I never thought I would move back to Walvis Bay, yet here I am and I feel at home and am blessed to be back.”

She is looking forward to hosting school talks and sharing advice on entrepreneurial skills and life skills.

“I would also love to start an outreach program for the youth that encourages them to chase their dreams and to give back to the community and those who are less fortunate.”

Her other plans include growing more in her field of study as well as her music.

“I would love to collaborate with some of the amazing vocalists in Walvis Bay. I might even look at opportunities outside of Namibia once I am financially stable.”

Emamdien is a regular on the Song Night stage hosted by award-winning musician Lize Ehlers.

“Being part of the Mr and Miss Face of Namibia organisation has been a tremendous help for my self-growth. I learned more about my capabilities, enhancing my skills and also stepping out of my comfort zone. I am grateful to everyone who supported me on this journey.”