Another shack fire in Kuisebmond

17 people left homeless
Leandrea Louw
Walvis Bay • [email protected]

Four shacks were destroyed in a fire in Kristiansand Street in Kuisebmond, Walvis Bay, on Monday at around 10:00.

The incident left 17 people without shelter.

Walvis Bay fire brigade chief Dennis Basson said that they received the call from a community member, and not from one of the fire victims.

“It’s almost as if the people are forgetting to call the fire brigade when a fire occurs. We implore the public to call the fire brigade first instead of risking themselves by trying to save their belongings.”

Basson said that since the weather is getting colder, people should practice safety measures when dealing with fires.

“People should not make open fires, and not leave children on their own to make fires. We want everyone to be vigilant and safe during this season.”

Inspector Illeni Shapumba, Nampol community affairs commander who was also at the scene, called on members of the public to be cautious at all times.

“As much as we understand the circumstances, people should keep an eye on their source of fire at all times; when you go to sleep or leave, make sure it is extinguished or put out.”

Shapumba pleaded with members of the public not to flock to the scene where a fire is raging.

“Some people come with the intent to steal property. People should rather stay as far away as possible from a fire, as you never know what exactly is burning. The public should also give right of way to the emergency response team at all times.”