All-Day Christmas Market

Otis Daniels_Finck
Swakopmund ∙ Kevin Santy

The Swakopmund Night Market is preparing for its fourth and final market of the year at Tiger Reef.

The event organised by Danien van Niekerk, will once again enrich the jolly season with stalls and festive family fun in a way the season has to be. The market will take place over the entirety of 22 December starting at 10:00. The programme is loaded with a large variety of activities. Children will have the time of their life and can enjoy pony rides on the beach or bouncing around wildly in jumping castles.

More than 50 stalls will cater for late gift buyers and by passers. They can have their pick of delicious drinks and lekker food with the sea breeze brushing through their hair. Dancing in the sand to live music and DJs will liven up the atmosphere. The entrance fee will be 20 N$, children under 10 go free.

As part of the market, hidden talents will also have their time to shine from 11:30 to 15:30 at the coastal talent show, sponsored by Nambru. This effort is founded and organized by model, musician and artist Savannah Jasmin Collins, who will be the MC for the entire day. Musicians, dancers and many more will try their best to enchant the audience. Various ages and skillsets already sent in their auditions by 5 December. Riaan Smit & Gareth on the Sax will take the stage afterwards, at 16:00 for an hour of vibey jazz. Fincki will ensure that festival goers put on their dancing shoes and have a good time.

To heat up the chilly coastal weather, the organizers have decided to close off the event with an extended fire show by Evolve Fire & Entertainment. In case the first rows manage to keep their eyebrows, the mood for the family holidays is set for even the greenest of Grinches. The event was originally thought as an initiative to support the local community and as a networking platform for businesses but has grown far beyond to a premium entertainment festival. Prior to the advent of Covid-19, the Christmas market returned annually, however the night market was forced to cancel all events for the past year.