A talent show with a difference returns

Showcasing talent
Irene Van Der Walt
Swakopmund • [email protected]

Another entertaining second edtion of the Coastal Talent Show will take place at the next Swakopmund Night Market on 22 December.

Eighteen talented artists will step onto the stage between 11:30 and 15:30 next Wednesday.

The show organiser Savannah Collins, explained that the number of participants doubled since the inception of this platform.
“We had an enormous amount of feedback with over 40 entries.”

According to the ‘Namibia My Friend’ singer the platform serves to promote more than just music as and is purposefully not a competition. “I have personally seen what competitions can do to a contestant’s self-esteem. This is a place for the artists to showcase their talents and build their confidence,” she said.

Collins intends to provide a safe space for artists with the talent showcase. “I just want it to grow and be a place for participants to express themselves. I really just want it to be a wholesome and happy experience.”

She added that a simple like or share on social media is vital for an artist. “Social media is like an online CV for artists. It can be used to reflect what artist do. Sharing videos and tagging people is complimentary and uplifting.”

The singer-songwriter also thanked the Swakopmund Night Market and NAMBRU Namibia for their support of her venture.