NHE appoints new northern regional manager

Enzo Amuele
The National Housing Enterprise (NHE) has appointed Patrick Kaaheke as the regional manager for its northern branch.

Kaaheke, who assumed duty on 1 December, is a qualified marketing professional with over 14 years of professional work experience.

According to NHE’s acting manager of corporate communications and marketing Tuafi Shafombabi, he boasts a diverse background and is knowledgeable in the fields of marketing, sales, customer service and business development.

Kaaheke has worked in various fields ranging from retail, tourism, agriculture, fishing and the housing industry.

“He has been with NHE for nearly nine years. He started off as a sales consultant and was later promoted to a senior sales consultant,” she said.

Aged 39, Kaaheke holds a master’s degree in management from Stadio Higher Education, a bachelor of business administration honours degree also from Stadio and a bachelor of marketing degree from the University of Science and Technology (NUST).

Quizzed on how he felt about the promotion, the regional manager said he is excited and grateful.

“It shows that the NHE management has the confidence, faith and trust in me to lead the branch. My key focus areas will be on business development and growth, fostering stakeholder relationships and providing leadership and guidance to my team,” he said.

He added that his dream is to become a business executive who makes things happen, regardless of the industry he’s in.

“But I am happy to make my mark in the housing sector, as it’s in line with the government agenda of housing the nation and has a big impact on our society,” Kaaheke said.

Being at NHE for several years has enabled him to understand and embrace cultural diversity and emotional intelligence, he said, because he works with clients and colleagues from different backgrounds and expectations.

He urged people to be humble and to be true to themselves and to never stop believing, because “anything and everything is possible”.