MVA’s newly appointed endpoint support technician

Meet the tech superhero
The MVA Fund's new endpoint support technician has five years of experience and a background in information technology.
Rita Kakelo
Alexander Mwenyo, the Motor Vehicle Accident (MVA) Fund's newly designated endpoint support technician, joined the team in June.

He has five years of business experience with a background in information technology, centred on systems administration and networking.

Mwenyo obtained a bachelor's degree in systems administration and networks, as well as an honours segree in information security, from Namibia University of Science and Technology (NUST).

Crucial role

Mwenyo officially joined the MVA Fund on 12 June 2023, which he describes as a "significant moment" because it marked the start of a new chapter in his career.

"During the initial weeks, I underwent a comprehensive onboarding process, which included getting to know the company culture, policies and procedures. I met with various teams and colleagues, who helped me integrate into the organisation seamlessly."

Endpoint support technicians play a crucial role in maintaining an organisation's IT infrastructure and ensuring that end-users can work efficiently with their IT tools. The specific duties may vary depending on the organisation's size and industry.

His responsibilities include technical support, hardware and software maintenance, security, user account management, troubleshooting, compliance and end-user training.

He usually begins his day by reviewing any outstanding duties from the previous day, as well as checking the helpdesk and doing system monitoring and analysis before organising his tasks for the day.

"This helps me set priorities and organise my day effectively."

Mwenyo encountered some difficulties when he had to quickly become acquainted with the company's policies, procedures and the unique tools and systems used. However, he swiftly sought advice from peers and participated in training sessions to shorten his learning curve.

"My devotion to innovation and continual growth distinguishes my approach to work. It is critical to always look for better methods to do things," he said.

Defined goals

He describes himself as being at his best when he has defined goals, works on tough projects, operates in collaborative and inclusive cultures, has some autonomy, and has management support.

Mwenyo is especially proud of his achievements as they exemplify his passion and commitment.

“The first achievement was completing military training, which instilled in me an intense sense of discipline and duty. The second was obtaining my qualifications, as this acquisition of information and skills helped me to advance personally and professionally."

Finally, he said feels that recognising one's own strengths and flaws is critical for both personal and professional development. He is dedicated to developing his skills in order to continue contributing effectively in his role, as well as aggressively addressing his flaws through continual self-improvement efforts and seeking assistance when necessary.