Mover and shaker

Jeanette Diergaardt
Tsoopara Tsoopara, better known as Chops, has been in the media industry for over 10 years and still keeps pushing the boundaries in search to be the best.
“To describe Chops as ambitious would be an understatement and we can safely say he is one of the hardest working Namibians in the entertainment industry,” Laimi Elago, Chops’s co-worker, said. She also described him as an “infinity threat” who has tried his hand at many endeavours.
Luckily, the challenges of entrepreneurship and video have not killed the radio star. Chops is a part of 11 finalists in the annual RadioStar competition by OnAirCoach, which is a global talent search. Alongside co-worker and fellow Namibian radio presenter Jacques de Vries, Chops is battling his way through challenges to win the contest.
Through his work as an entrepreneur, radio presenter and actor, Chops is a Namibian-bred talent who has tried and tested the challenges of being an entrepreneur in the entertainment industry. His well-known “legendary bar” Chopsi’s and culinary chill spot The Kitchen attested to his unique sense of setting a great vibe for many to have the time of their lives.
To Chops, moving into the entertainment and hospitality space was a natural move for him and his love for food influenced the birth of The Kitchen.
All his business moves have been within his realm of operations, he said. “I come from point A and I must get to a point B,” Chops said about what drives and inspires him to keep pushing with the many obstacles he has overcome in his career.
Raised by a single mother, Chops has decided to make it his business to provide for her. “I told myself ‘let’s do something good for Mom’,” he said.
Growing up in Oranjemund, the radio presenter has always been out to improve himself. To be the greatest, competing with the greatest and being compared to the greatest is what he sets out to do in his career.
A lot of people helped him along his career, he said, and when he has the resources, he looks out to help others.
During his time running Chopsi’s, he would get a bus for students studying in South Africa and fund their trips, Yochanaan Coetzee, one of Chops’ close friends, recalled.
“The amount of people Chops has assisted and helped financially or in other ways will remain a mystery, because he never shines light when helping others,” Elago added.