Meeting all your accessory needs

Pewasshop provides the best at an affordable price and does not discriminate
Jamie-Lee Loss
Pewasshop is an online retailer that offers both standard and customised accessories for men and women of all ages. It sells items in order to meet the aesthetic needs of its consumers, and also offers graphic design and internet business supply services to those who want to start a business.

Ndapewa Petrus’ product line has recently expanded beyond only accessories to more general utilities such as technology and home supplies. Pewasshop was founded in September 2021.

She hopes to soon buy an engraving machine so she can make customised jewellery herself, as well as heat press equipment to make personalised phone cases, which are some of their best-selling goods. With that machinery, she will be able to 'DIY' more new things, she said.

Petrus' long-term ambitions include registering her business and creating a website for her company. She would also like to employ at least three people to help her in running things. She added that she hopes to attract more clients - both locals and people from abroad - and to obtain equipment such as a camera and printers, among other things, to make her workload more efficient.

The growth of her business has been a big highlight in her journey thus far, both online and offline. Sometimes she scrolls through her old Instagram posts and stories to see where she started, she said. Petrus is also pleased that more people are becoming aware of her shop offline, and that more individuals want to collaborate with her.

“It’s a very beautiful feeling to see the community where I grew up always support me - whether if they are purchasing a product, reposting my flyers online or spreading the word offline,” the entrepreneur said.

Petrus is a final-year student at the University of Namibia (Unam) - where she's pursuing a diploma in accounting and auditing - in addition to running her profitable business. In the meantime, she is working on her business and producing profits to invest into supplies and equipment to build her company while also generating pocket money.

She added that she was the only one involved in the beginning of Pewasshop - from raising finances to developing business flyers, creating content and administering it, but she was motivated by her friends and family who are also entrepreneurs.

Their success influenced her decision to establish her own business. Her cousin, Geneveve Barry, and a few friends who are also in the retail profession assisted her by teaching her how to order goods online as well as business sales methods.

"Pewasshop would not be where it is today if my friends were not constantly reposting my business flyers," she said.

Petrus started her business merely to keep herself occupied during the Covid-19 lockdown, and to earn some extra cash. As time passed, she fell in love with all that goes into running a business, and developed a desire to be creative in her business, she said.

Lastly, she highlighted that she would like to add to the list of services/products the country produces.