Helping brands tell stories

Using skills to make a living
Naftal Nghishekwa is a 27-year-old self-employed marketing genius and founder of TST Marketing and Advertising agency.
Wetumwene Shikage
When Naftal Nghishekwa matriculated from high school, he had an overt desire to be independent, which led him to pursue his goals and dreams. He worked as a barman and a waiter at local night clubs until finally starting his own brand, TST Marketing.

After adapting to working culture, he took on his first corporate job at Dune Fox, a Namibian printing company.

“That job moulded me into the marketing guru that I am today. My love for marketing has always been there, but it flourished when I started working at the printing shop,” he said.

At Dune Fox, Nghishekwa was responsible for getting new clients. Adding to his skills, he did work for Blue Berry Communications. This is where he learnt about activations and branding, and realised that starting his own agency is what he truly wanted.

The future

TST Marketing helps existing brands grow and come up with creative and different ways on how to cater to consumers. Nghishekwa's goal is to grow the company to be one of the biggest, most well-known and respected marketing agencies in the country and other countries as well.

He said he would like to help government to fight high unemployment in the country by employing as many young people as he can when the business grows and expands.

Nghishekwa is motivated by the environment he grew up in, which had a huge influence on his success and growth.

“Growing up in Katutura among many people who were addicted to alcohol and drugs drove me to strive and work hard. It is also the fear of being labelled as average or ordinary that continues to drive me,” he said.

Sharing some advice for other entrepreneurs, Nghishekwa urged them to never let a hard time or rough patch discourage them from achieving their goals.

“Networking is your best friend. Listen to your clients or customers’ needs and execute your business with a little guidance from your customers,” he said.