A strong interest in the dynamic investment field

Adding his wealth of experience to Alexforbes
Frederick Müller, senior manager for strategic development investments, shares his career journey.
Wetumwene Shikage
Joining Alexforbes Investments Namibia on 1 October, Frederick Müller shares his career journey with its successes. He is involved in the management of the Alexforbes portfolios, provides asset consulting advice and services to clients, and also plays a key business development role regarding new retail and corporate portfolio investments, which will complement the existing retirement fund investment business. He is also part of the team growing investment business in Namibia.

Müller started his career with Sanlam in the employee benefits department. From 1996 to 2000, he worked for two consulting firms in London. Thereafter, he returned to South Africa, joining Jacques Malan Consultants and Actuaries as an employee benefits consultant.

His career journey at Alexforbes began in 2003 after joining the Stellenbosch office as an employee benefits consultant, providing the opportunity to gain experience in asset consulting. He also worked for Willis Towers Watson as an asset consultant, providing advice to a number of their clients during the last 10 years.

Identifying his career

Müller said his interest in investments began quite early.

“My interest in investments started in high school and grew stronger during my tertiary studies. During my time in London, I studied towards a chartered financial analyst [CFA] qualification, which set me on my career path in the investment field,” he said.

Müller has a BCom Mathematics from Stellenbosch University, a certificate in finance and investment from the Institute of Actuaries, a CFA designation and is a certified financial planner.

Throughout his career and as a leader, Müller has picked up several lessons which help him daily.

“A leader should lead by example - actions speak louder than words. Always remain humble and open to learn from your colleagues and subordinates,” he said.

Müller said his management style is a combination of collaboration and delegation.

“I like to get team members’ input and views on matters since they have different perspectives and bring new ideas to the table. I also believe employees should have a level of autonomy and control over their own work. This typically increases their creativity, motivation and job satisfaction,” he said.

For the investments department, setting goals is important. While continually monitoring the output of the team and regularly reviewing their work, Müller sets short-term goals for the department, saying he would like to increase awareness of the Alexforbes brand and products amongst a wider range of investors in Namibia.

“I believe we have some of the best investment products in Namibia, in addition to being very competitively priced.”

Proudest moments

Looking back at his achievements, Müller said he is proud to have been part of the team that strengthened Alexforbes’ asset consulting advice and is happy to know that it positively impacted the lives of many people, including members of the company’s retirement fund. Another career highlight he recalled was seeing young team members develop and excel under his management.

He added that the investment field is dynamic, exciting and unpredictable with no dull moments, and considers himself fortunate to have the opportunity to learn something new every day.

For young people who would like to take up managerial positions someday, he advised them to be a team player and learn as much as possible from superiors, specifically comparing management styles that are successful and those that do not work.

“Work hard, give your best every day and don't be afraid to venture outside your comfort zone,” he said.

Fun facts about Müller

I was born in Keetmanshoop.

I went to Eros Primary School and Windhoek High School.

I was a 110-metre and 400-metre hurdles athlete in varsity.

I have three daughters.

I love the outdoors, especially hiking, camping, fishing and hunting.

I enjoy cycling and swimming.