If you could change one thing in the Namibian school system, what would it be?

Theresia Kambinda

Learn how to think, not what to think. Promote creativity. The government should make things more practical and theoretical. Because learners are better at working with their hands rather than with nothing on paper. We should make our subject choices for our future careers at an early stage.

Sonia Haikali

School fees are too high. The minister stated that government schools should be free. Textbooks should be handed out to learners free of charge. They should deliver food at schools for those who come from disadvantaged backgrounds.

Hanna Nandjembo

Scholarships are going to the wrong people. The government does not look at people who come from rural areas. Learners are deprived of many things like computers and labs, but the same kids are the ones that work hard in school.

Ester Shipanga

Many learners from rural or northern areas work hard but do not get the chance to know what a scholarship is. The scholarship usually goes to those from the towns. They should offer scholarships to students from the north.

Elma De Celestino

We must have access to different subjects. Introduce a variety of subjects, so people have different choices and opportunities as to what their careers and field of study will be.

Nao Nakangombe

It would definitely be good for high school to be more career-focused, so that learners who know what they want to become can solely do and focus on the subjects that will really help them in their careers and not have any unnecessary subjects..