Showing Westside High some support

Deodean Basson
Westside High School recently hosted its annual spring bazaar at the Vineta Sports Field to socialise and raise funds.

As commonly known, the spring bazaar is an event that can't be missed, filled with fun games, groovy music, entertainment and various delightful cultural dishes, where Westside High once again did not disappoint.

The bazaar takes a lot of planning, organising, communication and teamwork in order to be the event of the year that the learners, teachers, parents and community look forward to.

The purpose of the annual spring bazaar is to raise funds to keep our school in top state and give our learners, parents and teachers time to socialise, taking a breather from school work and studying.

The event gives teachers as well as learners the opportunity to sharpen their entrepreneurial skills. The stalls ranged from braais and burgers to jumping castles and lucky packets.

During an interview, Ms. Mintoor stated: "The bazaar was exciting as all the teachers put in a lot of effort to make the event a success, although there wasn’t enough money made, we still made a profit. We are planning on making the bazaar even bigger, better and way more fun next year’’.

‘’I love making vetkoek, therefore I really enjoyed the day and putting a smile on people's faces. Even though parental involvement and contributions were quite poor, we still received a lot of support from the learners and sold out everything. I would advise that in the future we plan ahead of time to remove unforeseen obstacles and getting feedback from learners and parents on ideas and how to improve them for the bazaar next year so that the event is more enjoyable for the community," Ms. Zatjirua said in an interview.

"We really enjoyed the bazaar because we discovered different mouth-watering dishes, like the matangara, kapana and salsa, vetkoek, seswa and braaivleis," a group of learners said.

Another added: "Even though it was cold and windy, as we know the changes in Swakopmund's weather, there was hot chocolate to keep us warm and the event was fun".

A parent who stopped by at the bazaar said: "Challenges aside, I got the chance to talk to my child's class teachers".

The day would not have been a success without the support from parents, learners, teachers and the maintenance staff.