Monika Markus - head girl

I learned so much over the course of being a head girl. The biggest highlight is being able to manage and value time, be it being right on time before a meeting or when a duty has to be fulfilled. Other lessons learned are service above self, accountability, planning, and prioritising.

It can get quite difficult balancing your studies and carrying out your duties, but because I value time and am fit for my position as a learner representative, I adapted and balanced it all.

Leading an entire school is not an easy job, but having a team that has your back makes it easier to plan and organise school-based events or any other activities that have been assigned to the learners representative council.

I am grateful for my team. It is a team in which we understand each other’s capabilities, grow together and continue to do better.

The aim is to create a safer space for learners and staff and to reach greater heights at Hage Geingob High School.