Identifying basic education challenges

Junior Kapofi
The Namibia National Students Organisation (Nanso) is carrying out an Access to Basic Education campaign in the northern part of Namibia.

The campaign is aimed at allowing the organisation to identify and address issues affecting basic education.

This will allow Nanso to gain insight into issues such as infrastructure, the availability of textbooks for learners, and other basic needs of schools.

Thus far, the organisation has visited the Zambezi Region, and the Kavango East and West regions.

They will be visiting all the regions to gain a clear idea of the status of basic education in Namibia.

Identifying needs

Among the challenges identified so far are a lack of classrooms, especially in the Kavango East and West regions.

In addition, the regional directorate of education stated that teachers in the region are not properly trained when it comes to teaching the revised curriculum. Dorothea Nangolo, Nanso's spokesperson, said there are also not enough schools in the regions, which forces learners to walk long distances that can range up to 27 or 30 kilometres to reach their school.

Nangolo added that another concern is the lack of parental involvement and the literacy rate among parents.