Farewell, super friend

Fanie Gous
For the last few days, we have all been mourning the untimely loss of our friend and fellow Windhoek High School (WHS) learner, Benn Visser. He was one of my friends and I am writing this not in grief over his death, but in celebration of his amazing life.

Benn always impacted the people around him with his can-do attitude and friendly manner. From doing the sound for the school’s musical to helping me with my Chemistry homework, he always lent a hand where he could and was a true WHS learner.

He even travelled abroad in 2022 to represent our country in an international robotics event.

Benn was what you would call a “super friend”, and I appreciated his friendship a lot. I still remember how I would wait every morning for him to come to school early, so we could walk to class together.

On the cold winter days, when our whole group of friends huddled together closely for extra heat, Benn always had the biggest smile on his face! In fact, he was almost never without his trademark smile.

Now that he is gone, we are left with all these memories that we will cherish until we see him again one day.