Platinum anniversary for Neo Paints

Huge injection for Rhino Momma Project
We're joining our anchor sponsor Neo Paints today to chat about how they wrapped up 2022 and more particularly, to hear how their Big 5 promotion.
It is and was a big year for Neo Paints, with the truly Namibian company not only celebrating 70 years in the industry in 2023 but also taking stock of how their latest promotion fared in 2022.

Speaking to Neo Paints managing director Victor Boshoff, he says, “we're ready for 2023!”

And there is a lot to look forward to this year, considering the work that has been done in the past, and how they've been painting the Namibian canvas.

But before anything else: Let's zoom into the Big 5 promotion. With regards to what brought the initiative about, Boshoff says that at the end of every year, Neo Paints takes on a big promo.

“One of the concepts we've always tried to live by is to plough back into our community. We've undertaken various projects, but last year we asked ourselves where we could get involved to make a positive difference. Given that Covid hit the tourism industry hard, we decided to give back to the tourism industry, while adding to the Namibian economy at the same time.

“Part of this economy is tourists that come to encounter our wildlife. Everyone would like to see a rhino in real life and rhinos are also close to everyone's heart. We also found that the Rhino Momma Project is a wonderful cause and we need to do everything in our power to save them for posterity,” he says

This is how the collaboration came about.

As part of the Rhino Momma Project initiative, Neo Paints undertook that for all sales of selected Neo Paints products that ran through the dealers and hardware stores, the company would donate N$3 towards the project. “Also, customers that bought our products would receive a scratch card, standing the chance to win something themselves. In this way both the rhinos and the customers can win,” Boshoff says.

The result is that Neo Paints is over the moon with how successful the project was. “In total, Neo Paints will hand over N$100 000 to the Rhino Momma Project. The project was also brilliant; they gave us some great prizes for our customers.”

Everyone wins

The scratch cards weren’t just an opportunity to win for yourself though. Besides standing the chance of winning 40 litres of paint for yourself, winners could also choose a charity to which they would want to donate 20 litres of paint.

The beneficiaries were the RC Mission Pastoral Centre in Keetmanshoop and India Day Care in Lüderitz.

So, it's not just commendable that Neo Paints is giving, they're also teaching Namibians to give. In terms of what Neo Paints is planning for CSR this year, Boshoff says they're still working on it.

“In the meantime, we remain committed to supporting schools and other worthy causes.”

Looking ahead, Boshoff says he is positive about the long-term economic outlook for Namibia. “We've come through a very difficult period. While I hope it will stabilise this year, I think it will still be tough. But if you look at the future and the long-term projects happening in the country, I'm optimistic.”

For the immediate future, they will have to be conservative. “We've done a lot over the last few years through expansions and our new factory. So for us, to a large degree, it is a year of consolidation and optimisation.”

Exciting times

Speaking to Neo Paints marketing manager Janine Briedenhann, she says the whole idea of any promotion is to create excitement for your company, for your brand and also for your consumers. “While I feel we achieved this through the Big 5 promotion, we also did our bit for the Rhino Momma Project. The feedback we received from the market was very positive, and our donation to the project will likely take place next week.”

She adds that in 2021 when they hosted the Golden Paint project, the whole idea of paying it forward really took off. “And for the Big 5 promo we had a number of winners - two consumers and the Rhino Momma Project. So yes, I feel it was successful.”

Looking back at 2022, Janine says that one of the biggest events for Neo Paints was the factory opening at Brakwater. “After two years of hard work, we could finally invite our customers and clients here to our site, where we manufacture our paint. And then there was our national promo towards the end of the year.”

And ahead? “We’re 70 years old this year, so celebrations are at the order of the day, which will go along with many exciting promos. Keep watching this space!”