MobiPay dominates the Fintech Space

MobiPay has been nominated for two awards for the 2022 Reputable Banks & Fintech Awards and has been selected amongst top Reputable Fintechs in Africa to participate in the 2022 conference which took place from June 28th – 30th.
The Annual Reputable Banks and Fintech Awards, an initiative by Reputation Poll International, is designed to acknowledge rapid expansion, integration, accelerated growth and reforms of Africa’s banking and financial sector. Together with the poll from the public and customers, they honoured and celebrated outstanding Banks and Fintech Institutions that are moving Africa's rapidly transforming finance sector. Those who are driving growth, development, paving new economic opportunities for citizens and communities and inspiring the new generations of bankers who are shaping Africa's economic future, were celebrated and rewarded in Scotland United Kingdom.
CFO and Head of Vending, of MobiPay, Romanus Gustav, attended said conference alongside Delvalene Nghimbwasha MobiPay Compliance and HR Officer. Speaking after the Awards Ceremony Gustav acknowledged the entire staff for striving for excellence for a Namibian company to be recognized globally. “The space in which we operate is quite concentrated and tends to become limited; however, its such recognition that allows us to not only be reminded that Fintech is the future but allows a lot of network opportunities to further expand our company,” he mentioned.
Nghimbwasha confirmed that MobiPay won in the category Top 20 Most convenient Fintech Payment Solution in Southern Africa Award, in which they were nominated. “MobiPay qualified within a strict criteria which allowed organizations that have a clear drive and strategic vision to attain, increase and retain sustainable and easily accessible payment solutions and improve the overall market reach for their customers through digital and traditional payment. This category further demonstrates social impact initiatives and contribute to nationwide economic objectives within their country,” she confirmed.
Meanwhile they were also nominated in the category Top 20 Consumer Satisfaction Fintech Award (Southern Africa). The nominees in this category must have had Initiatives to improve the value and efficiency of the services they provide, maintain a consistently high quality of service to their customers. They should also have been able to create new, cost-effective and/or innovative operational methods and ensure community-centered banking. This includes consumer champions through positive and productive client and business relationships.
The said conference also included a broad range of discussions and debates by top facilitators from Africa and Europe bringing theoretical & practical experiences to guide on how various sectors can work together to promote financial inclusion. Key stakeholders included banks, fintechs, insurance, donors, investors, policymakers and regulators.
Manging Director of MobiPay Claus Deckenbrock acknowledged the importance of the industry in which they operate and reminded industry players the importance of fintech in the present and more so in the future. “MobiPay strives to bring more awareness through new tech that seeks to improve and automate the delivery and use of financial services. At its core, Mobipay aims to help companies, business owners, and consumers better manage their financial operations, processes, and lives by utilizing specialized software and algorithms that are used on computers and, increasingly, smartphones. In the ever-popular discussion around the 4th Industrial Revolution, MobiPay comes at the most opportune time to help drive this narrative and companies to face its challenges, as well as making use of all of its benefits it has,” he concluded.