Ironman; tough as nails

Augetto Graig
Pupkewitz Ironman 4x4 is located on the corner of Julius Nyerere and Patterson streets in Windhoek’s southern industrial area. There you will find a wide range of products built to withstand the harshest conditions and to equip you with the toughness of a true Ironman.

Sales supervisor Christofel Moolman is the right man to elaborate on the wide range of specials on offer this festive season. Good news is that Ironman will be open throughout. Ironman accessories and fitment products are included, he says. “We won’t close,” he says.

Apart from bull-bars, suspensions and spotlights the experts also provide many options when it comes to roof-tents. Universal for 4x4 vehicles, the Ironman roof-tents can also be fitted to smaller vehicles such as the Urban Cruiser, Rav4 or the Corolla Cross, thanks to mounting solutions on offer at Ironman. Dedicated load bar help carry the weight, Moolman explains.

He is also very fond of the range of National Luna Legacy Smart refrigerators that they have on offer. These come with a built-in Bluetooth app, which when downloaded onto your smartphone, allow owners to control temperature, check batteries and operate the vehicle fridges remotely. “That is what I like and it makes the fridges very nice,” he says.

Camping chairs, stretchers and sleeping bags are naturally also available from Ironman, where sleeping under the stars or in the remotest of places is a lifestyle. Of course, being prepared is essential for getting out there, and getting back safely. The range of Ironman recovery gear is a must for long trips to remote locations. Many of these can be fitted to the front-replacement bull-bars on offer. These bull-bars improve the approach angle of your off-road vehicle, while also allowing for the benefits of fitting spotlights or towing hinges. They are stronger than most of the standard front bumpers, but to add about 60kg to the vehicle weight, so Moolman advises owners to consider improving their suspension as well. Ironman has everything you will need.

The brand originates from Australia, which has many of the same harsh conditions we face here in Namibia, he says. Products are ordered from across the ocean through South Africa. Each product has its own warrantee but most are covered for three years, he says, adding that Ironman offers excellent after-sales services to all clients.