Cran opens spectrum for 4G and 5G bidding

Reserve price of N$25 million
Licensees may use the spectrum for the implementation of both 4G and 5G going forward on a dynamic spectrum sharing basis.
Yolanda Nel
The Communications Regulatory Authority of Namibia (Cran) has published its Request to Bid documents for the spectrum auction for a number of bands.
Lot A comprises four 5MHz in the 801 – 821 MHz band, paired with four 5MHz in the 842 – 862 MHz band. The reserve price stands at N$25 million, and the spectrum license will be valid for a period of ten years from the date of publication in the Government Gazette.
According to Cran, licensees may use the spectrum for the implementation of both 4G and 5G going forward on a dynamic spectrum sharing basis. However, no 5G rollout or type approval of 5G network equipment is allowed until such time that Cran receives authorisation for the deployment of 5G networks.
Furthermore, Cran said it aims to implement new technologies to promote innovation, while ensuring access to broadband networks, specifically to unserved and underserved areas at prescribed broadband speeds and quality of service minimum parameters.
According to the document, this spectrum may not be utilised for the provision of 2G or 3G services and the licensee must prevent harmful interference with other licensees in the same or adjacent spectrum bands.
The authority is cognisant of universal broadband connectivity goals for availability of broadband services set out in the Harambee Prosperity Plan and the National Broadband Policy. In light of this, the licensee will have to adhere to rollout obligations.
“These goals are set to ensure connectivity at primary and secondary schools, health facilities, public sector agencies and marginalised inhabitants.”

The licensee must utilise the frequencies as specified on the spectrum licence certificate to meet the rollout obligations for the provision of broadband services in areas with no broadband services. The licensee must provide broadband services through the implementation rollout obligations in all regions in the country within two years of the licence award to obtain the results.

The spectrum to be assigned is to be utilised for mobile services providing broadband services with a download speed of not less than 5 Mbps. Interested parties can submit their written comments before 15 August 2022.