All hail Haval!

Pupkewitz Haval welcomes all in Windhoek
P-Series bakkies, self-parking hybrids and the popular Jolion pull the crowds.
Augetto Graig
Pupkewitz Haval Windhoek held their last open day for the year on Saturday 3 December and welcomed existing and prospective clients to experience first-hand all that the resilient and up-and-coming vehicle brand has to offer. Dealer principle Bianca Weakley was happy to answer questions and share insights about their wide range of automobiles.

Being a woman in a male-dominated industry can be daunting, she admits, but with 12 years of experience she has built a repertoire that equips her to handle any query with ease. “I know how to change a tire,” she jokes. What makes all the difference is being there for her clients, going the extra mile to sort them out and always being accessible, she elaborates. “As a woman we can do more. We multitask,” she says. But Weakley acknowledges that teamwork is essential. “I have a great team and what makes us so successful is the dynamic in the dealership,” she says.

Customers were given the opportunity to check out the popular Jolion models up close and personal. “It is very famous. Everybody loves the Jolion. I love it as well. It is a great car,” she said. Also on display was the Haval H6 Hybrid Electric Vehicle (HEV); “The new kid on the block,” as she describes the low CO2 emission powerhouse capable of covering 100km on only 5,2litres of fuel. The HEV can even park itself, she adds.

For herself, however, the P-Series are the favourites. “I am a bakkie girl,” she says with a smile. The shear size, the details like the diamond stitching of the seats in the top of the range model, the easy to open tail-gate and the feeling of comfort and control even on gravel roads, are all selling points. “It sits well on the road. I feel safe behind the wheel,” she adds. Also the ample space under the seats for storing handbags and other accessories, adds to the appeal.

“We have stock,” she adds proudly and encourages prospective buyers not to hesitate: “We would love to see more P-Series bakkies on our beaches,” she adds. The satisfying weight of the doors that close with authority also enhances these workhorses, she says.

The Haval ranges comes in a wide assortment of beautiful colours to chose from, Weakley says.

Sales executive Aina Amushendje adds that Pupkewitz ensures peace of mind with the purchase of any of their new Haval vehicles. Standard service plans and warrantees of 5 years or 100 000km can be extended, she elaborates.

Veteran sales manager Selwyn Moody points out the value for money that Haval offers. “It is good value at an affordable price,” he adds. He also favours the P-Series bakkies with their beautiful interiors. “The top of the range offers everything you would find in a premium SUV, but in a bakkie. Wireless cell phone charging, 360 degree camera, adaptive cruise control, electric seats and active information display in the interactive cluster, plus airbags, ABS and EBD for safety are all included and at N$650 000 for the top of the range we can confidently say they are reasonably cheaper than the rest,” he says. All P-Series bakkies feature the 120kW GWN 2l diesel engines with 8 speed automatic gearbox in 2x4 and 4x4. “The power is more than enough for the beach, the gravel or any 4x4 terrain,” he says.