Staria big on size and features

Hyundai’s all-new panel van
Hyundai is introducing the all-new 3-seater panel van to complete its futuristic-looking Staria range.
Hyundai Automotive South Africa has introduced the all-new Staria Panel Van which is not only longer, wider and taller than the H1 van which it replaces, but also offers more luxury features and better fuel economy.

Hyundai is introducing the all-new 3-seater panel van to complete its futuristic-looking Staria range, which also consists of the 7-, 9- and 11-seater buses and the 5-seater Multicab with its separate cargo compartment.

“The trusty H1 Van deserves a long-service award, but the time was ripe to replace it with the Staria Panel Van, which offers newer technology, more space and luxury features that make a journey in it more enjoyable,” says Stanley Anderson, sales and operations director at Hyundai Automotive South Africa.

“Under the bonnet of the new panel van is the same 2,2-litre turbodiesel engine that delivers excellent fuel economy in the people-carrying Staria variants and which will make it a very popular choice considering the high fuel prices.

“The H1 Van recorded a second spot with 22% market share in its segment in 2021, and we expect the well-endowed new Staria Panel Van to be the choice of even more buyers,” says Anderson.

Longer, wider and taller

Its long 3 273 mm wheelbase helps to ensure an outstanding ride quality in the Staria Panel Van.

The sliding door opening width has increased to 870 mm, while the loading height is lower at 573 mm for convenience. The cargo load capacity is 900 kg – an increase of 100 kg versus the previous H1.

Styling at the front and rear is the same as the eye-catching, futuristic looks of its range siblings. Two side sliding doors and the rear swing-type barn doors make access to the cargo area practical and easy.

The generous dimensions of the new Hyundai Staria create an attractive choice for conversion into a hearse or an ambulance, where, in the latter application, the increased height in the cargo area is an important factor. Several orders from the funeral industry for conversion into hearses have been received already.

Engine and transmission

The frugal 2,2-litre 4-cylinder turbocharged diesel engine in the Staria Panel Van delivers 130 kW maximum power and 430 Nm torque, using an 8-speed automatic gearbox to drive the vehicle through the front wheels.

The very efficient turbocharger, which increases low-speed torque, and lighter engine components helps to give the Staria Panel Van a realistic overall fuel consumption of 8,7 litres per 100 km. Its maximum towing capacity is 2 500 kg (braked) and 750 kg (unbraked). - Quickpic