WomEng extends submission deadline

Young women in the engineering field are encouraged to apply for the WomEng Southern Africa fellowship.

29 July 2021 | Education

Atupele Phiri; Project coordinator: WomEng project; “WomEng programming is creating the next generation of female engineering leaders.”

Swakopmund • [email protected]

The WomEng Southern Africa Fellowship has extended their application deadline to 3 August 2021.

WomEng is a multi-award-winning organisation that aims to promote women and girls in engineering.

Founded in 2006, WomEng has grown to reach international territories with their aims of addressing the severe shortage of women and girls in engineering.

“Beyond the focus on increasing the numbers through a proactive and needs driven approach, WomEng programming is creating the next generation of female engineering leaders,” says project co-ordinator, Atupele Phiri.

WomEng works closely with the De Beers Group to develop characteristics of leadership, innovation, wellbeing and employability among young graduates which will be necessary for their success in the engineering field.

The WomEng Southern Africa Fellowship is an online programme that aims to provide it’s fellows with resources to learn at a time and pace that is suited for them.
This is supplemented with online assistance and Zoom master classes.

Participants will complete four modules between September this year and March next year.

The four modules are as follows:
Module 1: Leadership Now - Unlocking Your Story and Style
Module 2: Innovation – Developing Skills for the Future of Work
Module 3: Wellbeing – Learning to Recharge and Look After Yourself
Module 4: Employability – Thriving in the Workplace

This fellowship will also include networking events with De Beers Group leaders and fellowship alumni.

Seventy applicants from Namibia, Botswana and South Africa will be chosen and hopefuls can submit their applications to womeng.org/opportunities/safellowship.