Uutoni: ‘No petty party politics amongst councillors’

The workshop has been organised to assist the new councillors and administrators to better understand policies and other frameworks.

22 February 2021 | Local News

Erastus Uutoni; Minister; “Council meetings must not be used as platforms for divisive political agendas…”

Swakopmund • [email protected]

The ministry of urban and rural development started a five-day induction workshop for local authority councillors and management cadres on Monday at The Dome’s conference centre.

During his keynote address, minister Erastus Uutoni said that despite different political parties represented at council level, unity has to prevail.
“There should be no divisive petty party politics, self-serving interests and infighting among councillors and between councillors and administrative staff. Council meetings must not be used as platforms for divisive political agendas but to discuss and find solutions to community problems and needs.”

The minister discouraged councillors from only serving the people from their respective political parties but to be inclusive and people-centred.

“We have had instances where members of the community complain that they only see their councillors when the president or a minister visits their regions,” he said.

Uutoni also said the councillors are expected to serve with inclusivity, people-centeredness, strive towards good governance as well as a high-performance culture characterised by efficiency, effectiveness, accountability, and transparency, a sense of urgency, professionalism, fairness, ethical conduct and courtesy.

Due to the custody and administration of land in urban areas and in proclaimed settlements being entrusted to local authority and regional councils, the minister urged councillors to prioritise the provision of housing and land to residents.

“It is required that government proactively and in response to the needs of the people, identifies, surveys and subdivides land into individual plots for various uses. For such land to be of real value and of benefit to the people, it must have at least the basic services of water, sewerage, electricity and roads,” said Uutoni.

The councillors and administrators were also instructed to familiarise themselves with the national policies, laws, their respective codes of conduct and to ensure that their internal policies, decisions and actions are in compliance with this.

The induction workshop comprised local authority councillors and management cadres from Okahandja, Keetmanshoop, Oshakati, Eenhana, Aranos, Outapi, Bethanie, Gibeon and Kalkrand.

The workshop’s main aim is to assist the newly elected councillors and administrators to better understand policies, legal, institutional and administrative frameworks that governs the jurisdictions in which they operate. The workshop will conclude on Friday.