Two pilots injured in NDF plane crash

28 September 2021 | Accidents

Frans Kapofi; Minister of defence and veteran affairs; “They are alive.”

Karibib • [email protected]

Two Namibian army pilots were injured after the eject mechanism of an NDF (Namibia Defence Force) Karakorum-8 (K-8) was activated by accident.

The two pilots were ejected shortly after the plane took off during an exercise at the new airforce base outside Karibib on Thursday afternoon.

The minister of defence and veteran affairs Frans Kapofi confirmed telephonically that an NDF military plane crashed.

“It happened, I have confirmed it already,” Kapofi said.

The minister said that both of the pilots who were on board ejected from the plane and that no one lost their life.

“They are alive. One of them sustained injuries, but the injuries are being managed.”
The one pilot reportedly sustained multiple fractures.

The time or cause of the accident is not known and the minister declined to divulge further information about the incident.

“I have already made a public statement on the issue.”

The defence and veteran affairs ministry’s spokesperson major Tangeni Shikomba said that he is not well informed about the accident.

An informed source in the Namibian aviation industry did however confirm to Republikein that the launch pads activated shortly after take-off and that the pilots' parachutes did not deploy properly.

The plane flew uncontrollably for a while and then crashed.

The K-8 is a two-seater training jet and light attack aircraft designed in China.