Twenty eight vessels due

Port log

31 December 2019 | Infrastructure

The port log indicates that 28 vessel visits have already been scheduled for the first month of the New Year.

Vessels heading to the Port of Walvis Bay include passenger liners (9), container vessels (6), fishing vessels (5), RoRo’s (2), bulk carriers (2), tankers (2), a multipurpose vessel (1) and a seismic vessel.

Two fishing vessels - Jupiter I and Carapau I - along with the multipurpose vessel Bright Horizon, will be the first vessels arriving on 1 January at 6:00. They will be followed by the fishing vessel Mediva Star, with the bulk carrier Seastar Trojan and the tanker UACC Ras Laffan scheduled to arrive at 7:00 on 2 January.

The Aidamira, with a carrying capacity of 1 727 passengers, is the first passenger liner to visit the port in the New Year at 8:00 the same day.

The first container vessel scheduled to call in 2020 is the Amanda D which is due on 4 January at 6:00. The RoRo Grand Neptune due to arrive at 6:00 will be the first of its kind to call for the New Year on the same day. The same applies to Bold Voyager, which will be the only bulk carrier visiting in January and is scheduled to call at 7:00.

The fishing vessel Venus I will come in on 5 January at 6:00, while the container vessel RDO Fortune will call on 6 January at 20:00 and the container vessel Horizon will call on 7 January at 7:00.

The MS Nautica with a passenger carrying capacity of 824, will be the second passenger liner to call for the New Year arriving on 8 January at 6:00, ahead of the fishing vessels Cornelius Vrolijk calling on 10 January at 6:00 as well as the tanker Althea at 8:00.

The container vessel MSC Gabriella and the seismic vessel Ramform Sovereign will call at 6:00 on 12 January followed by the arrival of the passenger liner Artania capable of carrying a maximum of 1 260 passengers at 7:00.

The container vessel Horizon will call at 6:00 on 14 January followed by a visit from the passenger liner MSC Orchestra with a passenger carrying capacity of 3 200 at 7:00.

The rest of the month will see a steady flow of passenger liners arriving.

The Aidamira will call again at 9:00 on 16 January ahead of the MSC Orchestra arriving for a second visit at 7:00 on 19 January.

The container vessel Border is scheduled to visit on 20 January at 7:00, while the RoRo RCC Europe will call on 21 January at 6:00.

The MS Nautica capable of carrying 824 passenger,s arrives again on 22 January at 6:00 followed by the passenger liner Marco Polo with a passenger capacity of 820, on 25 January and the Aidamira which will return for its 3rd visit to the port on 30 January.