Tunacor goes green

A new horse mackerel factory currently being constructed, will be powered by solar energy.

07 November 2019 | Fishing

Walvis Bay • [email protected]

Alensy Energy Solutions financed and built a N$5.5 million solar panel roof at the Tunacor Group’s new horse mackerel factory in Walvis Bay.

The groundbreaking of the factory took place earlier this year and it is expected to be completed by February 2020. The new facility, which is expected to create 250 jobs, boasts a 4 000m² solar panel roof.

Project manager Lohann Vermeulen said that it took about four months to complete this first-of-a-kind solar power roof.

“The roof has 1430 solar panels and is made completely out of glass. At the coast, objects tend to corrode easily, hence why we decided to make use of non-corrosive materials to build the roof.”

Tunacor and Alensy are in a lease-type agreement, since the energy company financed the project.

The solar panels provides 471 kilowatts per hour and is grid-tied. “We also installed invertors, which basically converts solar energy to direct current electricity for factory operations.”

He expressed the hope that other companies also take the same approach, especially fishing factories.

“A solar panel roof like this, basically pays itself off within three years. Fishing factories in Walvis Bay have the highest electricity bills in the country. With this system, Tunacor’s electricity bill is slashed by a quarter of the usual amount. It is definitely much more efficient and more profitable.”

Alensy Energy also recently financed a 59.4 kilowatt per hour, grid-tied system at the Flamingo Villas Boutique Hotel in Walvis Bay, as well as a megawatt per hour off-grid solar power system for the Sesriem’s Namibia Wildlife Resorts and a 500 kilowatt per hour grid-tied system for Bokomo.

Other installations were done at Fish River Lodge (35 kilowatt per hour, off-grid) and Beefcor Meat Supplies (305.5 kilowatt per hour, grid-tied solar power system).