Trigger happy officer denied bail

Police officer allegedly shot his former girlfriend over N$900.

23 September 2019 | Crime

Walvis Bay · Leandrea Louw

The police officer who allegedly shot his ex-girlfriend in Kuisebmond, Walvis Bay, last week was denied bail earlier today at the Walvis Bay Magistrate’s Court.

Herman Abed (31) allegedly shot his ex-girlfriend Selma Uupindi (22) three times with his service pistol.

Earlier the same day Uupindi had laid a case of assault by threat.

Abed handed himself over at the Walvis Bay Port police station (his work station) after the shooting.

He appeared before magistrate Rhivermo Williams who informed him of his right to appoint a private lawyer or apply for legal aid.

Abed indicated that he would appoint a private lawyer and said he needs two to three weeks to do so.

The state, represented by Maggy Shiyagaya, opposed bail based on the seriousness of the crime, that the accused might interfere with witnesses, and for the safety of both the complainant and the accused.

Magistrate Williams postponed the case to 4 November for further investigations and denied Abed bail.

Victim shares ordeal

Selma Uupindi said in a telephonic conversation from her hospital bed in Windhoek that Abed started threatening her earlier this year.

“We were together for three years and not once was he violent towards me. A few months back he picked me up in his car and drove with me to an area near Dune 7 where he threatened to shoot me. I did not report him, only telling my friend and my cousin.”
According to Uupindi she ended her relationship with Abed in August after he told her that he had “a baby mamma and girlfriend in Swakopmund.

“I told him I cannot go on like this and that we should just end things. Even after breaking up with him, he still called me. He asked for my forgiveness, telling me that he was just angry. I started avoiding him and did not answer his phone calls.”

Uupindi alleged that Abed demanded N$900 from her last Monday which he used to pay for a shirt and trousers he bought for her back in 2017.

“He told me to pay back the money so he can refuel his car. He also confronted my brother about the money. On Wednesday he threatened to shoot me and my boyfriend and again demanded the N$900. I do not have another boyfriend. He assumed I had someone else.”

On the day of the shooting Uupindi laid a complaint against Abed at the Tutaleni Police Station.

“I went in the morning to open a case against him. It was as if the police were protecting him. They told me I should come back at two, as they will call him to hear what he had to say. When I got back to the police station, he was asking the police officer what he was doing there. I opened the case, went home and called my brother to tell him what happened. I also called my sister and during this call, Abed arrived at the house.”

Uupindi said that he shot her once from the police Quantam bus he was seated in, and again while she was running away.

He shot her a third time when she was lying on the ground. The bullets hit her in the stomach, back and arm.