Trauma healing crucial for society

Participants claim to be better equipped to deal with trauma and to create a renewed hope for their lives.

22 February 2021 | Local News

Beatrice Schultz; Facilitator; “This would enable us to avoid looking at situations through hurt eyes…”

Swakopmund • [email protected]

A three-day Trauma Healing Retreat facilitated by Beatrice Schultz and overseen by the Trauma Healing Network concluded on Sunday at Startup Namibia.

According to the facilitator Beatrice Shultz, the retreat was held with the aim of helping people to learn how to manage and navigate the trauma they have experienced in life. “Trauma healing is important firstly because hurt people hurt people. If more people learnt how to manage their trauma, we would be able to live in a society where trauma is not repeated and passed on.”

She added that if trauma in society is managed properly, there would be a healed society with people who are able to co-exist harmoniously. “This would enable us to avoid looking at situations through hurt eyes, thus making decisions that do not hurt the people around us and ourselves.”

Schultz added that she hopes participants will show compassion to the people around them who exhibit traits of someone that is going through trauma and also share the tools which they have learnt, with others.

“I encourage everyone to participate in a Trauma Healing Retreat. It is a healthy and necessary course. Growing up, many of us did not have the privilege to be given the tools to navigate and manage emotions and situations that cause a negative effect,” she said.

The free retreat was attended by five participants. A participant, who chose to remain anonymous, said that they learned to carve out a new sense of hope after healing from a trauma. “It was encouraging to know that one can learn how to create hope for one’s future in this journey called life,” the participant said.

In the light of gender-based violence and suicide cases not only in the country but particularly also at coastal towns, trauma healing is crucial in mitigating crimes caused by anger and bitterness that is not dealt with.

Trauma Healing Network is a welfare organisation that aims to build a support network for people suffering as a result of trauma.

The program was developed by Dr Schalk Botha and equips facilitators who can help people in their communities who are suffering from traumatic events.

More events aimed at helping people cope with trauma are scheduled to take place in the near future at the coast.