The sky is the limit

Art pieces will be sold at N$450 each.

06 October 2021 | Art and Entertainment

Heide-Marie Lacheiner-Khun; Organiser; “There is hope in the midst of insecurity and isolation.”

Swakopmund • [email protected]

The Little Big Things special group art exhibition opened at the Woermannhaus Gallery on Friday.

The exhibition, which is organised by the Swakopmund Arts Association (SAA) under the theme “The Sky is the Limit”, consists of 121 art pieces from over 60 artists.

The art pieces are on sale at N$450 each. SAA takes 25% of the fee and the remainder is for the artist’s pocket.

According to Heide-Marie Lacheiner-Khun of SAA, art has provided society with an escape from the harsh reality caused by the Covid-19 pandemic.

“There is hope in the midst of insecurity and isolation. During the last two years, our lives became a perpetual feeling of unsettlement and the world woke up to a terrible avalanche that reverberated through rich and poor countries. It was a time of fear and anxieties, showing the extreme vulnerabilities of the human race in times of crises.”

Lacheiner-Khun said that art became a dear friend to her when the lockdown hit.

“I could escape to my studio, splash paint, cut, rip and paste paper, invent patterns while listening to my favourite music.”

The exhibition was open to professional and unestablished artists aged 14 and older.

With participation being free, the only requirement was that the artwork be 20x20cm in size.

The art pieces at the exhibition are not marked with the artists names and this anonymity gives the buyer the chance to support both established and upcoming artists.

The Little Big Things exhibition has been held annually since 2018, except last year due to Covid-19. The exhibition ends on 14 November.