The Search is on!

20 August 2020 | Art and Entertainment

The Search has begun for the next Namibian singing sensation. Better news still is that N$100 000 in cash is up for grabs!

The Search is a reality TV show that was birthed three years ago by a group of innovative young people. While it underwent a transformation during the two seasons already shot, a top notch product will now be delivered to Namibian audiences.

The 16-episode reality show brought to you in association with the Namibian Broadcasting Corporation (NBC) and ConSoAV, connects with viewers and delivers entertainment value, with all kinds of dramatic social experiments that are fun to watch and to participate in.

NBC will broadcast The Search on its streaming platform NBC Plus - a fully commercial application that allows subscribers to stream both television and radio stations via the app or browser.

The judges are Dice, Lady May Africa and Daniel Nadunya, while viewers can expect a number of surprise guest judges throughout the season.

Interested solo artists, group vocalists or choirs in any genre are encouraged to submit their 30-second audition clip with no backing instruments.

The team behind The Search also encourage corporates to get on board with this exciting reality show that seeks to discover, develop and establish talent, while bring locally produced entertainment to the small screen.

For sponsorship packages, corporates, organisations and individuals can contact The Search marketing team at 085 203 1009.