Tertiary institutions increase admission points

14 July 2021 | Education

Grade 12 candidates who wish to further their studies at the University of Namibia (UNAM) will as from the 2022 academic year, have to obtain 27 points in five subjects as per the revised Namibia Senior Secondary Certificate.

This is contained in a formal education circular issued recently by the Ministry of Education addressed to various stakeholders to inform current Grade 12 pupils and their guardians to familiarise themselves with the newly revised curriculum.

“The 27 points should be obtained in five subjects of which two should be on Namibian Senior Secondary Certificate Advanced Subsidiary (NSSCAS) level with a C grade or higher in English, or 27 points in five subjects of which three should be on Namibia Senior Secondary Certificate Ordinary (NSSCO) level and a C or higher grade in English on the UNAM scale. All this is for a degree programme,” the notice read.

For a diploma programme, candidates have to obtain a minimum of 23 points in five subjects of which two should be on NSSCAS level and a D grade in English or 23 points in five subjects of which three should be on NSSCO level, with a D in English.

The university will also stick to its practice of making provision for alternative entry pathways, such as recognition of prior learning from other institutions of higher learning and the mature age entry and marginalised schemes.

Other institutions of higher learning that increased entry points are vocational training centres under the Namibia Training Authority, which now require 20 points in six subjects at NSSCO level with an F grade in English, and mathematics and physics will be compulsory as technical subjects. Candidates can also enter with 18 points in six subjects on NSSCO with F grades in English, mathematics and science for pre-vocational subjects.

Entry to the International University of Management has increased from 22 points to 25 points in five subjects and a D grade in English for both NSSCO and NSSCAS level for a bachelor’s degree.

The Namibia University of Science and Technology did not change its admission requirements and still requires 25 points in the five best subjects.

– Nampa