Tasty cuisine at The Jewel

Where good food and fine wine combine

28 July 2019 | Business

The gourmet restaurant The Jewel is located at Erongo Mountain Winery, offering guests the unique opportunity to indulge in excellent cuisine paired with exceptional wines and liqueurs.

Here award-winning head chef, Frederic Lutz, has crafted a distinctive menu of delicious game stakes, salads and desserts, many of which feature wines and spirits produced at the winery.

Lutz has 20 years of experience in sophisticated international gastronomy, having attained his culinary education in Germany.

He says he has always been at home in the haute cuisine, having gained much experience while working at the Michelin starred “Restaurant Endtenfang”.

At The Jewel Chef Lutz combines his expertise in Mediterranean influenced German-French cuisine, with local specialties and rarities, delivering a gourmet dining experience that can be found nowhere else in Namibia.

Upon arrival at The Jewel, we were warmly welcomed by a friendly waitress who ushered us to our table. We sipped on Chardonnay as we waited for our starter. The wine was elegant and unwooded, with fresh fruit aromas of green apple and peaches. It came with a sweet smell and taste which made it easy on the tongue and down the throat.

The starter arrived in less than ten minutes: Truffle infused potato-leek soup with pan-fried beef ham strips and herb butter baguette. The soup was rich in texture and the ham beef strips complemented it tastefully.

The second wine offering arrived with a big smile. The Viognier is a crisp wine infused with aromas of lemons and strawberries. The wine has an unforgettable bubbly taste. We also sipped on Chenin Blanc, featuring an enjoyable blend of green apple, litchi and melon aromas.

The main course was the Rôtissage de bouef. Chef Lutz used an extra gentle modern cooking technique to prepare this dish, which comprises super tender and tasteful special cut roast with Jewel cognac sauce, pan-fried bread dumplings served on a bed of Mediterranean vegetables.

The meal and the service was exquisite filling our souls with joy.

We finished the three course meal with the Eembe Crème Brulée made from Erongo Mountain Winery’s home-made Eembe Cream Liqueur as dessert.

The Jewel is open from Monday to Saturday from 09:00 to 17:00, and closed on Sundays. Bookings must be made in advance for dinner and the group is required to be six or more.

For any queries or reservations, contact Erongo Mountain Winery on 081 635 9496 or send an email to [email protected]