Take a gap with The Dome

A local institution affords school leavers an opportunity to prepare themselves adequately before entering career paths.

06 October 2021 | Business

Lourens van Wyk; Director; “We do the career guidance in order to prepare them for the coming years.

Swakopmund • Leena Ndakevondjo

The Dome Academies offer various programmes to help school leavers unleash their full potential. These include a Gap Year programme, the Elite Athletes Academy, and Fitness Instructor’s Training (Fitpro).

According to Lourens van Wyk, a director of the Academies, the Swakopmund-based institution is open throughout the year and caters for students aged between 17 and 23, who want to take a gap year.

“The Gap Year programme starts in February and ends in December 2022. Registration should be done before 15 November 2021.”

Van Wyk said that the aim is to prepare school leavers for adult life while having a lot of fun.

“During the program, students normally discover themselves, their strength, hidden passion and gain clarity about which career to choose. In the first phase, which takes place over the first year, we do career guidance to prepare them for the coming years. Individuals can then for example try out the fitness internship programme that is offered in the second term.”

In addition, students are involved in regular sport activities and adventure excursions.

“Two Elite Academy athletes, Keanu Stuurman (karate) and Bradley Morere (Paralympic athlete), trained for the Olympic Games with us,” he said.

The fitness program prepares candidates to be fitness instructors.

The cost of N$5950 for 11 months, includes access to facilities such as free lunch and a gym; however it excludes accommodation.