Swakopmunders warned to control pets

Residents have been warned to leash their pets after the Swakopmund Municipality’s animal control unit noted an increase in conflicts caused by uncontrolled pets.

01 August 2021 | Local News

David Kambanda; Animal control officer; “… for the safety of others and other pets, keep their pets on a leash,”

Swakopmund • [email protected]

The Swakopmund municipality issued a reminder to residents that their pets should be kept on leashes and under control when not on private property.

There are often people walking and running along the promenade walkway on the beach and, while most dogs are not a problem, there are those who start chasing people,” says Aili Gebhardt of the Swakopmund municipality.

David Kambanda, a Swakopmund animal control officer, added that the complications caused by dogs that are not on leashes has increased and notes that this prompted the municipality’s reminder.

The Swakopmund animal control unit is now patrolling the beaches after hours and according to Kambanda, this revealed to him that many Swakopmunders disobey applicable bylaws.

“Many people will see us and only decide then to put their dogs on leashes. When people are walking or jogging, they should please for the safety of others and other pets keep their pets on a leash.”

Possible fines

Kambanda said that the animal control unit works closely with the municipality on the possibility of fines for this offence in future, however he could not provide further clarity on since this concept is still in its infancy stage.

“Talks have been ongoing since the beginning of this year,” Kambanda concluded.