Suspected stock thieves on the run

04 August 2021 | Crime

The police confirmed an incident of stock theft that took place at farm Waldheim between Thursday last week and Sunday, in the Karibib district.

According to the Erongo Regional Crime Investigations Coordinator deputy commissioner Erastus Iikuyu, four suspects allegedly took 35 sheep from their grazing area, slaughtering some of the animals in the area before moving to a suspect’s home in Karibib’s Harambee location.

The suspects then locked the ghetto and disappeared.

The value of the stolen livestock is estimated to be N$78 500 of which 20 carcasses valued at N$44 000 have been recovered. Fifteen sheep have not been recovered.

A warrant for his arrest has been issued for 31-year-old Ephraim Guruseb, who is currently on the run. The police believe he is one of the suspects.

Anyone with information on his whereabouts is urged to call Iikuyu at 081 246 4757, Inspector Jefrey Urib at 081 439 2687 or warrant officer Simson Ngiteeka at 081 264 9687. Alternatively, such individuals can also visit their nearest police station.