Supatronix Doubles Squash League

27 October 2021 | Sports

This year saw Buccaneers Club introduce a new event.

The Supatronix Doubles league, commenced on 13 October. With the short space of time left to the end of the year and not much time to advertise the event it was worried that the entry would not be good. Our assumptions were however completely proved wrong. The league is made up of 4 sections – The Men’s A, Men’s B, Ladies [with only 4 entries will be playing each other twice] and Mixed. The competition will run through till Saturday 20th November. There’s no two ways about it Doubles, being competitive and also fun, is definitely enjoyed by many of the members.

The results for the respective sections are as follows:

Wednesday 13 October

Men’s A - AngIma[Angelo Titus/Imanuel Amorongo] bt Bossies[Lesley/Dirk Bosman] 3-1. Supatronix[Brandon Grane/Jose de Brito] bt GerRy[Gerhard Lottering/Ryan Gruhn] 3-2. Wotta match. Play was over an hour long and a pleasure to watch. The stuff finals are made of.
RobChris[Robert Schaaf/Christopher Hill] bt ShaLuk[Sharde Fisher/Luke Allen] 3-0.

Men’s B - Namib Diesel[Jaco de Witt/Trevor Heath] bt Dik Neefs[Hanro du Plessis/Franken Otto] 3-0. Dik Neefs learning from the masters the art of Doubles play. Team Jockie[Jaco de Jager/Ockie du Plessis] lost to Yellow Namibia[Bertus/Walter Fokkens] 2-3. Yellow Nam eventually managed to seal the Y fronts. Switch Hitters[Richard van der Meer/Jakkie Nel] bt Unsquashables[Mark Rees/Doyle de Haas] 3-0. Overdrive[JC Platt/Lendl du Plessis] bt Balls to the Walls[Alan Hartung/Liandro Martins] 3-0.

Thursday 14 October

Ladies - ChanHen[Chantel de Gouveia/Hendrina Louw] bt Scared Hitless[Jacoline van der Merwe/Edwina Southgate] 3-0. Carpediem[Zola Nel/Anet Wolmarans] lost to Cougars[Carla Cummings/Lindsay Lottering] 0-3. The experience of the Cougars shone.

Mixed - Usual Suspects[JC/Eunice Platt] lost to R & D[Ricardo von Stein/Diana Meyer] 0-3. Flower Power[Zola Nel/Trevor Heath] lost to ChriSha[Christelle Eiman/Sharde Fisher] 2-3. Supatronix[Jose de Brito/Lindsay Lottering] bt ZaMi[Chrijzaan Dreyer/Michail Pretorius] 3-0. Fire n Ice[Hendrina Louw/Richard van der Meer] lost to Chi-Slo[Doyle de Haas/Cindy Kruger] 2-3. Sweet Shots[Chantel de Gouveia/Emil Dorgeloh] bt Lefties[Carla Cummings/Marchellino Koopman] 3-0. Even with the left hand duo combination they were no match the Sweet Shots.

Friday 15 October
Mixed - Sweet Shots bt Chrisha 3-0. Fire n Ice bt Usual Suspects 3-0.Wolbos[Anet Wolmarans/Leslie Bosman] bt ZaMi 3-0. Flower Power lost to No Hit Sherlock 2-3.
Supatronix bt R & D 3-1. Supa win for Ze/Lindz.
Lefties bt Dynamic Duo 3-0.

Monday 18 October

Men’s A - AngIma bt Supatronix 3-1. DanEm[Danie Greeff/Emil Dorgeloh] bt GerRy 3-0. ShaLuk bt Bossies 3-0. With Stefan van Tonder as a reserve for Shaluk they reeled in a good win.

Men’s B - Namib Diesel bt Unsquashables 3-0. Overdrive bt Team Jockie 3-1. Switch Hitters bt Yellow Namibia 3-0. Dik Neefs lost to Balls to the Walls 0-3. Balls to the Walls took no chances against the newbies.

Tuesday 19 October
Ladies - ChanHen bt Cougars 3-1. The Cougars tried to put up a fight, but were no match for ChanHen.
Scared Hitless lost to Carpediem 1-4.

Mixed - Flower Power bt Chi-Slo 3-0. ChriSha bt No Hit Sherlock 3-1. Supatronix bt Fire n Ice 3-1. Sweet Shots bt Dynamic Duo 3-0. MiDi[Miranda/Dirk Bosman] bt Usual Suspects 3-0. A good start for MiDi. Wolbos lost to R & D 1-4. R&D fleeced their opponents. Lefties bt ZaMi 3-0.

Wednesday 20 October.

Mixed - Sweet Shots bt No Hit Sherlock 3-2. Close, but just not good enough. Dynamic Duo bt ZaMi 3-1. A match that was fun and enjoyed by all. Great sportsmanship. ChriSha bt Chi-Slo 3-0. Flower Power bt Usual Suspects 3-0. Flower Power petal-ing along at a groovy pace. Wolbos bt Fire n Ice 3-2. The shimmer of hope snuffed by Wolbos. Lefties bt R & D 3-0.