Service delivery boosted

Two vehicles acquired by the municipality of Swakopmund will be used by the health and engineering service departments.

08 November 2019 | Local News

Clive Lawrence; General Manager, health services; “These trucks will be used to enhance our service delivery.”

Swakopmund • [email protected]

The Swakopmund Municipality received two Ultimate Dependable (UD) trucks from Auto Sueco Namibia, with a combined value of N$3.1 million on Friday. The vehicles will be used by the health and engineering service departments respectively.

According to the general manager of the health service department, Clive Lawrence, one of the trucks – a refuse truck purchased at an estimated price of N$1.7 million – was specifically acquired for the health service department.

“This truck will be used to enhance our service delivery in the DRC informal settlement and Mondesa. Its refuse container has a dimension of 50m³ and the vehicle itself is fully automatic. We chose automatic over the manually operated trucks we normally use due to the associated maintenance costs.”

He expressed the hope that the truck would remain functional for many kilometres without experiencing breakdown, especially over the festive season.

The health service department used three refuse trucks for the entire town, all of which have been written off. Another two refuse trucks are expected early next year to make service delivery more efficient throughout the town.

The second truck destined for the engineering service department, is a “honey sucker” which will be used for sucking septic tanks out and sewerage up. Such trucks are equipped with a tank and a pump designed to pneumatically suck liquids, sludge, slurry or the like from a location (often underground) into the truck’s tank. The purpose is to enable transport of the liquid material via road to another location. The collected material is then transported to a treatment or disposal site, for example a sewage treatment plant.

A common material to be transported is septage which is human excreta mixed with water collected from septic tanks as well as sewage sludge, industrial liquids or slurries from animal waste from livestock facilities with pens.

Vacuum trucks can also be equipped with a high pressure pump if they are used to clean out sewers from sand.