Security companies implored to pull up their socks

Security companies have become easy targets, especially during cash-in-transit activities.

04 October 2021 | Crime

Ileni Shapumba; Inspector; “We need to improve our security measures.”

Walvis Bay •[email protected]

The Erongo police and local security companies discussed a number of solutions with regards to the increase in cash-in-transit (CIT) robberies experienced at the coast.

Representatives from G4S, Omega Security, Namcor Security, Delta Security and Southern Cross Security as well as Namibia Protection Services attended the meeting held by the police.

Two suspects have thus far been identified in the most recent CIT robbery in Walvis Bay, Junior Joakim and Jackie Panduleni Markus. In the incident, five suspects overpowered two security guards at Pupkewitz Megabuild and managed to get away with N$943 616.84. The cash was collected from seven different shops prior to the robbery.

Inspector Illeni Shapumba, unit commander for community affairs in the Erongo region, chaired the meeting and shared some statistics related to robberies in the region.

“We need to act fast, before it becomes an uncontrollable situation. If they are attacking security guards today, perhaps tomorrow they are planning to attack the police,” he said

A total of 141 cases of robberies were reported (including CIT as well as robberies on the street) from January to August in both Walvis Bay and Swakopmund this year.

Shapumba provided the following breakdown.

• Eleven cases were reported in Walvis Bay and two cases in Swakopmund in January 2021.
• Thirteen cases were reported in Walvis Bay and nine cases in Swakopmund in February.
• Nine cases were reported in Walvis Bay and four cases in Swakopmund in March.
• April saw the highest number of cases – a total of 30, of which 21 were reported in Walvis Bay and nine in Swakopmund.
• Sixteen cases were reported in Walvis Bay and seven cases in Swakopmund in May.
• Ten cases were reported in Walvis Bay and four cases in Swakopmund in June.
• Six cases were reported in Walvis Bay and three cases in Swakopmund in July.
• Seven cases were reported in Walvis Bay and 10 cases in Swakopmund in August.


Four CIT robberies were reported with three arrests made in Swakopmund, four in Mondesa and four in Walvis Bay.

Detective Chief Inspector Johannes Mwatongwe, the head of Serious Crime Investigation Sub Division in the region, labelled CIT robberies a national concern.

“Security vehicles are being monitored. If you operate the same way every day, criminals will pick up on it and this will make it easier for them to target companies. A change in routine is needed.

Duty rosters need to be looked at again. We have seen these things happening in South Africa, where even ATM’s are targeted. We need to stop this before it escalates any further.”

Shapumba called for an overall improvement on security measures by security companies.

“You are transporting a lot of money, and we have seen two or three security guards being attacked by five men. These guards are also robbed of their firearms, which is then used in other crimes. The number of guards collecting money need to be increased. Extra training in terms of handling a firearm needs to be looked at as well.”

He cautioned security companies to do background checks before employing personnel.

“We cannot have someone that was grabbing women’s wigs yesterday being employed as a security guard the next day. Let us do proper screening.”

Shapumba implored security companies to introduce proper self-defence training for security guards in their employment.

“It is our collective responsibility to ensure that security is not compromised in our community. The police are here to assist. Ensure that you have the necessary contact numbers for us to assist, should the need arise.”