Seal Products dispute still unresolved

It is a labour matter as well as a dispute between the owners.

20 October 2021 | Local News

Neville Andre; Erongo governor; “…I will engage all parties once I return…”

Henties Bay • [email protected]

Fisheries’ minister Derek Klazen says that the issue surrounding Seal Products in Henties Bay is far from being resolved.

According to the minister, he has referred the matter to the governor of the Erongo region, Neville Andre. “The issue is partially a labour matter and partially a dispute between the owners. I don’t feel comfortable talking about this and I don’t think it is the right time to write about this, because the matter is still not concluded. I have left the matter with the governor. He can tell you more,” Klazen said.

A meeting was held at the office of the regional governor to seek a solution. Andre said the process to find an amicable solution will continue. “It is an urgent matter and I will engage all parties once I return to the region. I will look at addressing the situation concerning employees that were retrenched by the company.” The governor was in the //Kharas region.

Retrenched employees of the Henties Bay-based seal harvesting company, held a peaceful demonstration in October 2020 to express their dissatisfaction at a ruling by former fisheries’ minister Albert Kawana, which, according them, left them unemployed for months. A letter Kawana allegedly wrote in 2020 informed the manager of Seal Products, Gys Cilliers, of a condition that stipulated that Seal Products would only receive seal quotas once 40% of the quotas have been allocated to the Swapo Party Youth League (SPYL).