Sakkie Tsam set to release ‘Da //amero-tse’

A coastal artist is releasing a single track to raise money to fund the recording of his next song.

10 June 2021 | Art and Entertainment

Sakkie Tsam; Artist; “The funds go towards funding the recoding of my next song.”

Swakopmund • [email protected]

Musician Sagarias “Sakkie” Tsam is set to host a release party for his latest single “Da //amero-tse” at the Two Beards and a Saint coffee bar and bistro on Saturday (12 June).

According to the guitarist, “Da //amero-tse” is the name of the person and that it includes the story of four family members – parents and two sons.

“Da //amero-tse was a gangster who always had a gun. He went about living his gangster life on the streets by taking someone’s life or something in that line. So, while they were seated around a fire, his mother told Da //amero-tse that she would confiscate the gun and give him a slingshot and that he must obey her.”

The message the song carries over is that a slingshot only hurts a bit in comparison to big weapons like guns that kill.

Entrance to the single release party costs N$10 per person and the show starts at 11:00.

“The money will go towards funding the recoding of my next song,” said Tsam, who is a San musician from Swakopmund that specializes in rock and blues.

“I started my musical journey in 2011, when I picked up a fake guitar from a pawn shop. Since then, the guitar has taken me on an amazing trip and shown me amazing things,” he proclaimed.

He has performed at several local music events like the Strand Hotel Atlantic Beats series, the 2021 Nedbank Food Festival and others.