Prosecutor bribed

25 September 2020 | Crime

Swakopmund • Erwin Leuschner

A Pakistani national on bail for human trafficking and rape, and a Walvis Bay police officer were arrested in Swakopmund on Wednesday after allegedly bribing a prosecutor with nearly N$60 000.

The two defendants, Farhan Khatri (31) and investigator Jafet Simon, who have been accused of bribery and corruption, were denied bail in the Swakopmund Magistrate’s Court yesterday.

The case was postponed to 4 November.

Khatri is the manager of Jan Japan Motors in Walvis Bay; Simon is a senior investigator from the same town.

This newspaper learned from a reliable source that the two visited the state prosecutor in Swakopmund around three weeks ago, asking her to return Khatri’s confiscated Pakistani passport. In addition, during the trial for the human trafficking and rape case, the state prosecutor had to deliberately manipulate the evidence before the regional court in Khatri’s favour. The result would be that the prosecution would fail and the Khatri would be acquitted.

However, instead of accepting the bribe, the state prosecutor turned to the local Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) branch, which worked on a sting operation over the past three weeks.

“They [Khatri and Simon] delivered cash several times. On Wednesday they handed over the last amount of N$30 000,” the source said.

ACC officials caught the transactions on tape and struck after the money had been handed over. They confiscated Khatri’s passport and N$58 600 in cash.

Khatri was first arrested in July 2018 with two Namibian women in Walvis Bay. The two women are said to have presented him with a 16-year-old teenager. In return, Khatri is said to have paid the women and sexually exploited the minor.

One of the suspected women is said to also work for Jan Japan Motors and is the victim’s aunt.

After their arrest, the women were granted bail of N$5 000 each, while Khatri was granted bail of N$20 000 along with the stipulation that Khatri hand in his passport and that he not be allowed to leave Namibia.

According to the reliable source, the policeman and Khatri contacted the prosecutor to get the passport back so that he could travel to Pakistan.

“He said that he would return when the trial begins in the regional court next year, but just how credible that is, is rather questionable,” the source said.