Progress for Narraville shack dwellers

Municipality to the rescue

23 June 2019 | Infrastructure

Francisco Maree; Narraville Shack Dwellers Federation; We initially aimed to start with the construction of the first of the 68 house in October 2019.

Narraville - Otis Finck

The chairperson of the Narraville-based Namibian Shack Dwellers Federation (NSDF) network, Francisco Maree, says things are finally starting to happen for 68 members of the Stand together Saving Scheme group.

The members of the group were initially left disappointed after a meeting with municipal officials at the Narraville Community hall earlier this year.

During the meeting it was suggested that they should return the land to the municipality in order for it to be serviced.

This would have meant that they would have to reapply again for the land which was allocated to them already.

Things took a turn for the better after the general manager of the Walvis Bay municipality, Augostino Victor, invited the group’s leadership for further discussions.

“We provided Augostino with background to the project in Narraville. He gave us a number of pointers on the way forward and ensured that the land fill operation which we struggled with since 2010 gets done.”

The municipality also assisted the group to establish a secured area for a brick-making project. Wire fencing and wooden poles were provided. The municipality also leveled the area for the envisioned project.

“One of our members and Namport sponsored two containers for the storing of the brick-making machine received from the Turkish government and handed over by the office of the governor in 2017.”

A land surveyor, Rickison, was subsequently appointed on October 2018 to do the survey of Narraville area Ext 1 where the group intends to construct 68 affordable homes.

“This process was recently finalised. Fees amounting to N$117 000 were paid in full and the group received a 10% discount on services provided.”

Conselect Engineering has been appointed to do the designs to the tune of N$ 68 000 which was also paid in full.

“We are now looking for assistance from the private sector to commence with the provision of roads, sewage, water reticulation and electricity services.”

The consulting engineers have provided the group with a bill of quantity for all these services. A contractor will provide the estimated costs in due time.

“We need more containers for storage purposes and will commence with the brick-making process once the electricity is connected to the site.”

Erong RED will do the connection free of charge. The Baard Group sponsored dune sand and river stones for a slab on which the bricks will be pressed.

“We aimed to start with the construction of the first of the 68 house in October 2019. The servicing process is holding us back and needs to be completed first. We request the private sector to meet us halfway to ensure that the first shack dwellers project which started way back in 2007 in Narraville is successfully executed.”