Pre-schoolers educated on water safety

Monarch Lifeguard and Emergency Services educated little ones on the importance of keeping safe around water.

10 October 2021 | Education

Marthin Muyenga; Lifeguard; “Drowning is the leading cause of injury or death in children under the age of seven…”

Walvis Bay • [email protected]

Monarch Lifegaurd and Emergency Services hosted a presentation to educate the little ones from Ocean Star Preschool about water safety.

Marthin Muyenga, lifeguard and owner of Monarch, emphasised that water safety is important for all ages, but especially toddlers.

“Drowning is the leading cause of injury or death amongst children under the age of seven. Young children can drown in as little as an inch or two of water.”

According to Muyenga, this can happen quickly and silently.

“We deem it vital to teach the little ones about the importance of keeping safe around water.”

Lifesaving rules taught to the kindergarteners included to walk and never run near water, wear a lifejacket when swimming, ask permission to swim, and have adult supervision present at all times when swimming.

They were also encouraged to use paper or plastic cups around the swimming pool and not glass, to get into the water feet first, never swim when tired, not to eat or chew when in the water, to swim in an area supervised by lifeguards, and most importantly to learn how to swim and float in water.

Muyenga also encouraged community members to take water safety seriously.

“Drownings are often in the news. If we can work together we can save lives and avoid it.”

The learners from Ocean Star Preschool were the first to benefit from this presentation and Monrach hopes to take it to more schools.

“We do these presentations free of charge and for the benefit of our community. The schools just need to organise themselves and we will be there. People are most welcome to contact with us.”

Muyenga said that he is looking forward to take the initiative to other towns as well.

“Drowning does not only happen along the coast but all over our country. Other towns can organise themselves in groups, and we will travel at our own costs to educate.”

Sylvana Langenhoven, a teacher at Ocean Star, welcomed the lifesaving tips shared.

“It was great making the children aware of the dangers. These children will now go home and tell their parents and siblings about what they’ve learned, and thus the message will spread.”

The pre-schoolers enthusiastically shared what they have learned and each one received a lollipop for being attentive after the session.