‘Popping’ is out

A single by a group of coastal artists will be available on all major online streaming platforms.

04 August 2021 | Art and Entertainment

ESB; Producer; “Thanks to all for patiently supporting us.”

Walvis Bay • [email protected]

Producer Eduardo “ESB” Riobo has teamed up with fellow coastal artists Salvador Mouers and Eldino “Gemini” Majiedt for the track “Popping”, which drops on Friday, 30 July.

According to ESB, the track is dedicated to all their fans who have stood by them since the start of their careers.

“Thanks to all for patiently supporting us. Our dreams are still just as bright as when we started. We are doing this for you,” said ESB.

The concept for “Popping”, which consists of a catchy melody and captivating vocals from Gemini and Salvador, is centred around a strong independent woman.

The producing prodigy also said that visuals for the song are set to be released in the near future.

“By dropping a music video at a later stage, we can maximize the duration around the hype of ‘Popping’,” he said.

ESB, together with Rivaldo “Space” van den Heever, released the album Inside Out last year. The project featured hits like “Alibi” and “Dance”.

However, ESB said that prospects of releasing a follow-up album would not be feasable after asked if there are plans underway to produce one.

“No, we are only planning on dropping singles for a while. The only reason we previously made an album was to qualify for the (Namibian Annual Music Awards) NAMAs awards. However, since the NAMAs were terminated, we don’t see a need for an album right now,” he said.

ESB, who is the founder of the ESB (Eduardo Spannish Boy) Entertainment music label, is a NAMAs nominated producer.

The work that the virtuoso producer did on his fellow coastal artist, Monique English’s hit “Red” received recognition at the 2020 NAMAs.

Salvador, who is known as “Deezy”, also racked up nominations for the 2018 and 2019 installments of the NAMAs.

Gemini is also a force to reckoned with in the industry as his impressive vocals have been part of various hits like “Hypnotized” and “Timeless” and “Your love”.

Once released at 12:00 on Friday (30 July) the track will be available on various online streaming platforms like Spotify, Deezer, iTunes, Apple Music, Amazon Music, YouTube and Soundcloud.