Police prepare for festive season


22 December 2020 | Crime

Neville Andre; Governor; “Let us strive to have a crime free festive season.”

Walvis Bay

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The governor of the Erongo region Neville Andre met with the police, Namibian Navy, Namibian Defence Force and registered neighbourhood watches to hear about their respective strategies to ensure law and order during the festive season.

The purpose of the meeting was also to ensure harmonisation, alignment and collaboration between all members of the security cluster for an effective and holistic plan during the festive season.

Andre also highlighted what he termed “a disturbing prevalence of rape cases” in Walvis Bay, appealing to residents, specifically girls and women, to be vigilant, to stay safe and to avoid walking alone at night as well as avoid being home alone in the evenings.

“Please report any suspicious behaviour and movements to the police, as this might save your life and that of your loved ones.”

He also urged members of the security cluster to ensure the safety of the locals and visitors are not compromised.

“Let us strive to have a crime free festive season. Equally, I encourage the public to cooperate with members of the security cluster as they are here to protect us.”

On the road

Andre called on motorists to adhere to traffic laws.

“Let us ensure that our vehicles are roadworthy and exercise courtesy when on our roads. Don't drink and drive. The regional traffic police will enforce a zero-tolerance policy on traffic-related offences.”

Andre also emphasised the importance of adhering to Covid-19 safety measures.

“Since we will be receiving more visitors to our region, I appeal to them to adhere to the national public health guidelines of staying masked at all times while in public, to sanitise and wash their hands, and to observe social distancing. Please avoid large gatherings, especially gatherings in confined, small or congested spaces.”

The governor assured both visitors and residents the security cluster will ensure that individuals and businesses comply with Covid-regulations.

“Let us all cooperate and comply with the law so that we may enjoy a safe and restful festive season with our loved ones.”

Furthermore, he gave the assurance that the Erongo region's health system and facilities are prepared and equipped with the necessary resources to respond to a surge in Covid-19 cases.

'Approach the police'

Regional police commander commissioner, Andreas Nelumbu, implored members of the public not to take matters into their own hands, but to approach the police.

“We need to work together to combat crime in our region. There are definitely challenges, but we should convert these into opportunities. Let us take hands and tackle crime together.”

Patrols will be done throughout the festive season. A strong police presence was already visible in Walvis Bay, where members of the police force teamed up with neighbourhood watches to check vehicles.

According to Lorenzo Nitzborn from Narraville Community Against Crime, the youth pose various challenges.

“Our primary objective is to curb housebreakings in Narraville. Every night we find young people on the street. When we approach parents about their children's wrongdoings, they simply do not want to listen. We really want parents to take responsibility for their children.”